Monday, August 1, 2011

Package in the Mail

Sitting on my doorstep as I went to go to work this morning was a cardboard box (from Hancocks, just what I had been waiting for)- as much as I wanted to open it then, all I could do was put it inside and head off to work.   Home again and straight into the box, looking for the quilt kit that came at such a good price, but what came out was this, something covered in layers and layers of bubble wrap.
It took a while to unwrap the layers to reveal this...
a cute tin 'suitcase' with part of the design for the quilt on it, 'Faith' by Howard Marcus, Collection For a Cause, Moda Fabrics.  I wasn't expecting it to be packaged in something like this- so what a lovely surprise.  When I opened the case there was the fabric kit all nicely packaged..
Aaaah what gorgeous fabrics.
Some people might be wondering when I think I might get around to making this quilt when I have so many other things in the pipeline (or still just a part of my "I want to do that one day!!) but sometimes you just have to get things when you see them because they won't be there the next time you look ( and at less than half the original price and with the exchange rate improving all the time, it would need to be a stronger person that me to resist!)


  1. Gorgeous, I love it when you get an extra little surprise like the tin suitcase packaging. I wouldn't have been able to hold myself back from opening it before I left the house, but they say that anticipation makes things sweeter. I agree that when you see something at such a good price you would have to be mad not to get it.

  2. The little suitcase is gorgeous, what a great surprise.

  3. ohhh i love the case, sooooo cute and the quilt looks fabulous....

    can't wait to see it.....


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