Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A Lucky Surprise....

When I got the mail in today there was an envelope from Australia with..... a copy of the English Patchwork and Quilting magazine which I was lucky to receive as a result of a giveaway on Jeannette's blog, (where she was celebrating the fact that her blog had been profiled in a recent issue of the magazine.)   Thank you Jeannette!
I have had a quick look through it and there is a lot to read- 12 new designs with a profile of each quilter to accompany them.  Here are 2 that particularly appealed to my husband...

I can see why, as the first one has elephants in it and it is the way that the colours that have been used in the second one...

I had a photo of another Tis The Season block I have finished but it didn't upload with the others and now the battery is flat ....so tomorrow...


  1. There is something so nice about sitting and looking through an inspirational magazine.... I like the elephants and start blocks too... and also the butterfly's on the cover.... Are you planning on making yuour husband one of them?

  2. It is fun to receive a good magazine in the mail. Hope you sat down with a nice cuppa to read it.
    Beautiful quilts in there indeed.

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  4. I'll have another go without the awful spelling mistakes.
    Your hubby has good taste, both those quilts are beautiful. Love the butterfly one on the cover too.


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