Sunday, August 21, 2011


I decided to participate this month after reading about it just early this week.  I have to confess though that I wilted early on in the evening, but not before I had tacked some more hexagons onto papers and then sewed 3 new 'flowers' together.  So this is my effort for the night...
With focusing on finishing the stitching for Tis The Season, my hexies have been lying forgotten so it was time to get them out and sew some more together- I now have a month to get prepared for the next FNSI so that will see me better prepared than I was this month, as I only joined up the night before..


  1. Such pretty hexagons.... I think my favourite is the spotty one in the middle...

  2. Very pretty flowers. Congrats on your win from FNSI.

  3. The fabric in your hexagons is gorgeous!! :-)Congrats on your win also!!

  4. Hi Lyn, your hexies look great, FNSI is great, and congrats on the win :) xx

  5. nice bright spring colors, hey can you remind when the next stitch in is, i am going to do it next month....


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