Saturday, August 24, 2013

A great day for Otago

the new holders of the Ranfurly Shield...which is New Zealand provincial rugby's most prized possession.. first played for over 100 years ago.
The last time Otago held the shield was in 1957.  There have been 22 failed attempts to beat the holders of the shield in the 56 years since then.  Until last night that is when they might imagine the excitement...and here is our team with the shield..

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Oh lucky me..

The lovely Peg had a giveaway on  her blog recently and I was one of the 3 very lucky people to receive a special gift in the mail.  It was wrapped in this lovely fabric with one of Peg's special cards.  I had no idea what was inside until I opened it up...
..and was I blown is just gorgeous and so in colours that I like as well...the words are..'Stitching seams with polka dot dreams'
I feel so very fortunate to have such a special piece of stitching..thank you so very much, Peg..

Sunday, August 18, 2013


I joined in to Friday Night Sew In this week.  I had a later than planned start to my stitching due to a meeting that I had to attend first.  When I got home though at 9.30pm I got on to doing some stitching on this project, which is something for me this time.
I made a Winter Mini Quilt as part of the swap that Cheryll organises and sent it winging on its way abroad. My work is more travelled than I am!!  I just have to sit back now and see how long it takes before it touches down in its new home but here is a sneak peak..
All will be revealed later when it arrives..

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Friday Night With Friends..

The sun has been out today and what a difference it makes after the cold, drab day we had yesterday.  Not that it is anywhere near warm but certainly an improvement on our high of 12 degrees yesterday.
Friday night saw me working a little more on this project and all the stems are now's a good one to save to work on at night..even if it is one thread stem stitch that I have been doing..just a bit different from the backstitch I usually do..
 I get the Vignette magazine and usually select my own fabrics...but when I saw people starting to use the Tilda fabrics I thought why not go for a kit this time...and this is the lovely bundle of fabric that arrived by mail..just love those sort of squishy parcels.  I'm not ready to get started yet (still have things that need finishing) but I thought if I didn't get them now then they might not be available when I was ready to start!!!
I'm going to pop over and see what everyone else did on Friday Night With Friends