Saturday, August 24, 2013

A great day for Otago

the new holders of the Ranfurly Shield...which is New Zealand provincial rugby's most prized possession.. first played for over 100 years ago.
The last time Otago held the shield was in 1957.  There have been 22 failed attempts to beat the holders of the shield in the 56 years since then.  Until last night that is when they might imagine the excitement...and here is our team with the shield..


  1. great the hear the 'log of wood' is on the mainland - if it cant my cantabrian boys, then otago is the next best place!.

  2. Well done Otago, and as one of our family live down there, I can also feel so happy for you all. Cheers from Jean

  3. Well done to your team for breaking that winning drought.

  4. Well done Otago!! Perseverance pays off!!!


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