Sunday, May 7, 2017

Any suggestions please....on what can I do in Melbourne this Thursday????

The school is sending another teacher and me over to Melbourne for a conference this week..lucky me.!!!!!! 😊😊

By travelling over late on Wednesday we will have Thursday free to shop/explore the city etc..(well as much as we can do in one day)...before the conference on Friday and Saturday and then flying back to NZ early on not a lot of time to spend there 😓😢.

So what to do???? Any suggestions on shops to go to or things to see..good places to eat even...anything would be appreciated, so we can make the most of the day as I really don't know Melbourne at all.

We are both interested in patchwork and embroidery so are there any shops close to the city or easy to access on public transport.

We are staying out Camberwell way as it is closer to the school that the conference is being held at and won't take too long on the tram to get to there on Friday and Saturday.

Grateful thanks for any suggestions...


Saturday, May 6, 2017


Some more progress and another block nearly finished on this ongoing project...applique with wool felt on linen..just 2 pins left on this block..these blocks started life as applique onto a recycled wool blanket but I changed tack on this and started over again on the linen fabric and I am much happier
Today was our little bobbin lace group's get together ..we meet 2 Saturdays a month and those who can meet on a Wednesday afternoon as I spent a lovely morning starting to finish off this square ..joining the ends together as I work my way down the line..not far to go now on this step is to do the next round/border which will be attached to this central square later.