Thursday, December 25, 2014

Secret Santa Swap

A quick photo of my gift from Lisa for the swap..thank you so much Lisa it truly is a gorgeous Christmas stocking..many thanks for being my Secret Santa this year..
now it is nearly time to head off to the airport for me...

         Wishing you all a lovely Christmas. 
May all the joy of the Festive Season be yours...

 Thank you so much for visiting my blog throughout the year and for the lovely comments that have been written.  All the best for 2015.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Nearly there...

Mum's bag is finished, so a quick photo before it goes in the bag..the bag is nearly packed for my flight will be Christmas on both sides of the Tasman for I'm just making sure I have all the gadgets charged up and remember to pack the chargers in my bag...and the chutney and the chocolate ginger that Mum likes and all the other bits and pieces that I've been getting together..

Tuesday, December 23, 2014


Well my Friday night did not achieve as much as I had planned..interruptions that I hadn't bargained on..but I can show the colour palette of what I am using..

Something for Mum that needs to be finished tonight , so it will be back to the sewing machine for me..

Monday, December 22, 2014

Santa Sack Swap

In the Santa Sack Swap organised by Cheryll, my partner was Nanette who's blog is Stitch and Sow...........the handwork of home and garden.  Over the last few months we have got to know a little more about each other and yesterday was the day we opened our gifts to each other..a good day to do it as I was having 'Christmas Dinner' with family as I am flying off to Sydney on Christmas Day to spend a few weeks with my Mum.  So I will have breakfast here at home before it is off to the airport..sadly the direct flights from our airport to Sydney were discontinued this my flight goes via Wellington this time and I will be spending my Christmas lunch in the airport before boarding a flight to Sydney and being able to enjoy a late Christmas dinner with my Mum. 
So what was in my parcels from Nanette..well they were beautifully wrapped in fabric but I was so excited to be opening them that I forgot to take a here is what was inside...
a tote bag made with an Aussie fabric line
a fabulous table runner with appliqued ends and a gorgeous backing fabric..
this lovely stocking in crazy patch
a needlecase..made of hand felted wool which Nanette makes herself
and them's.really gorgeous and Nanette is so clever..
some skeins of thread and Nanette included the pamphlet so I could read a little more about them
a little hanging with my initial so beautifully embroidered..and blue is one of my colours
(amongst others)
fabulous tea towels with the cutest little Santa Koala borders 
very special handmade paper
and oh look these are the fabric wrappings I was in such a hurry to unwrap
wow..what a wonderful parcel of goodies, how lucky was I..

Thank you so much Nanette, it has been wonderful getting to know you through this swap.  Your gifts are fabulous and so very much appreciated for the thought you have taken in making them.  In one of our emails we were both thinking that here we were planning and stitching away while our partner is doing the same , in our case on one side of the Tasman to the other.  And I agree it is also about meeting new bloggers and finding friendships online.

Sunday, December 7, 2014


Magdolia is the name of the fabulous doll exhibition I went to today ..One of the teachers I work with makes the most wonderful dolls.  She made her first doll 3 years ago at a class and since then she has made over 50 dolls.  She wanted to share her dolls with others so with school finished on Friday she  had arranged to hire the Community Gallery in town for the weekend and set up her exhibition.  It was fabulous to see them all displayed..all the details and some were crafted on well known personalities.
DH drove me into town and he even went in to look at them when he came to pick me up.
I asked if I could take some photos..of course, she said, and it was then I discovered the battery was flat on my I took some shots on my phone.. wasn't sure  how they would turn here are some of the dolls that were on display..
Some of the dolls heads she has made..
The props and accessories really added to the display..
Each doll had her own name as well..
This was made for her Dad..dressed in the family tartan..

and Shirley's wig came from the US
The fabric used for the outfits looked just like fish scales ..

Jill is one talented lady..

Saturday, December 6, 2014


Well last night came at the end of a very busy week.  School's out for Summer!!  Yes the last day of the school year was yesterday and so no answering to bells till next year.  We had Junior Prizegiving in the morning followed by a shared lunch and farewells for staff who are leaving school-there were some retirements and a few who are moving to other places-the most for quite a while.
I went on to meet up with my stitching friends for a special afternoon tea and was pleased to get there earlier than usual.  Then after a trip to the airport and tea afterwards I finally sat down and worked on something that wasn't too strenuous on my eyes...and something that is for me..
Some bobbin winding for a small lace project..
And then a little bit more stitching on one of my yet to be finished projects..there are certainly a few that I have to choose from!!