Monday, December 30, 2013

I am on the other side of the Tasman...

For the next few weeks I am in Sydney spending some time with my Mum.  I thought that I would be off the internet till I returned home as Mum is not into computers etc.  My big surprise came on Christmas morning when I thought I had opened all my gifts and then I was handed another one... and inside was an IPad, I was blown away and speechless which is unusual for me.
So on arrival in Oz I bought a SIM card and will be able to keep track of what is going on..will just have to keep tabs on my data usage.  My big problem is coming to grips with how this iPad a little trial and error will be the order of the day.  I took the photo out of the plane on the way ..and the last few nights have mucked around trying to work out how to get it on to the blog..finally some success...I don't know if I can fluke it again though!
You might notice some odd formatting as well as I come to terms with how to blog on an iPad...

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Swap catch up

It was the strangest coincidence for the 2 swaps I was in for Christmas.  Deb was my partner for Chooky's Secret Santa Swap as well as for the Santa Sack swap run by Cheryll.  I received a lovely box of goodies from Deb..and I have had to borrow the photos from Deb's blog as I ran out of time to take the photos before I left on my  holiday.  (I hope that is OK Deb)
So here is the gorgeous bag Deb made me for the Secret Santa Swap
It is a bag that I have seen and thought I would like to maybe make one day..but now lucky me..I don't have to...

I was also in the Santa Sack Swap and Deb was also my partner in it..I received the cutest little Santa, a lovely kit to make a sewing set,  a reel of ribbon, decorations magnet and the gorgeous was so exciting opening each of the parcels and I am just so thrilled with each of them.

Thank you Deb for my lovely gifts.
Thank you also Chooky and Googy Girl for organising the Secret Santa Swap and Cheryll for organising the Santa Sack Swap.  I really enjoyed being in both of them.
I'll be back with what I sent later.  

Sunday, December 22, 2013

SSCS 2013

I tried to visit as many blogs as I could last night to see what everyone got up to for FNSI.  There are some lovely things being made out there..very inspiring.
I joined in to SSCS again this year.  I am also in the Santa Sack Swap (for the first time).  The funny coincidence is that a box arrived from Deb and knowing that she was my partner for the SSS I got a real surprise to find that there was also a gift in the box for SSCS...fancy that!!! So here is a glimpse of the gift Deb sent me for SSCS with the most gorgeous ornament attached.

I sent my SSCS parcel to Janice and this is the ornament that I made..(out of Marg Low's Christmas book)
All my other gifts are under the tree..Deb left opening instructions on each I did open one today..will have to get the photo taken is gorgeous.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

So what did I do for FNSI

Last night was the last night for FNSI for 2013.  I hope you all enjoyed 'stitching' with me.  I saw these little stars over on Susan's blog and followed her link to Attic 24's blog and found the little lacy stars pattern.  I had some white cotton so made a few up.
The red background for the stars is some fabric DD2 bought to make a sash/belt.  She had a black one but wanted one in a more 'festive' colour.  She was going to sew it herself but then asked if I would do it for her..following the design of the one she had I cut one out in red and sewed it up for her..she was pleased with it and she has worn it out to a Christmas 'do' tonight.  
Well that is it for FNSI for 2013..and I think that is probably it for me and my stitching till the middle of January as well..I have a few blog posts to do before Christmas, with 2 swaps that I have been I will be around for a few more days yet and then take another little bloggy break while I am away on holidays....hope all your preparations for Christmas are going well..

Friday, December 20, 2013

Flower Mini Swap

Gosh, I have been missing from blogging for a while as I was in this swap back in November.  The theme for the last Mini Quilt Swap for the year was 'Flowers'.
I received this beautiful quilt from has been much admired by my stitching friends.  It has also given us some ideas on different ways to finish off.  Can you see the braid that Helen used around the centre panel and the gorgeous button in the corner?

I sent my mini to Cathy and here it is..and I since I really liked using the fabric in the border I went back and got some more of it!!
I have really enjoyed being a part of these swaps and am going to join in again next year.  Thank you Cheryll...I'm looking forward to next year.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013


Grab the Friday Night Sew In (FNSI) button

Yes it is on this Friday, so pop on over to Wendy's blog to sign's the last one for the year..

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

It's a bit like coming out of hibernation I think..

..or my own self imposed exile from blogging.  Life became just too busy at school (the last month of the school year usually ups the stress levels somewhat) and there were things that I needed to finish off.   So I had to avoid the temptation of reading all your blogs and focus on what I had to get done.  I was on a strict time schedule.
 I have missed out on a lot of what you have been up to.  So now begins the process of catching up.  I need to get out my camera and take some photos..I need to take a tour around all your blogs and say hello..
As I'm sitting here the bell has just rung for the end of lunch at the little primary school across the road...what a lovely feeling knowing the bells aren't running my day for a while.  Our school finished up last week..I've had a few days to relax...
and so today I am...