Saturday, December 21, 2013

So what did I do for FNSI

Last night was the last night for FNSI for 2013.  I hope you all enjoyed 'stitching' with me.  I saw these little stars over on Susan's blog and followed her link to Attic 24's blog and found the little lacy stars pattern.  I had some white cotton so made a few up.
The red background for the stars is some fabric DD2 bought to make a sash/belt.  She had a black one but wanted one in a more 'festive' colour.  She was going to sew it herself but then asked if I would do it for her..following the design of the one she had I cut one out in red and sewed it up for her..she was pleased with it and she has worn it out to a Christmas 'do' tonight.  
Well that is it for FNSI for 2013..and I think that is probably it for me and my stitching till the middle of January as well..I have a few blog posts to do before Christmas, with 2 swaps that I have been I will be around for a few more days yet and then take another little bloggy break while I am away on holidays....hope all your preparations for Christmas are going well..


  1. Looks like you had a very productive night, Lyn; lovely items! Have a great Christmas and enjoy your break.

  2. Lovely stars, Merry Christmas

  3. lovely work Lyn i have seen these around alot at the moment in blog land.xx

  4. Lovely stars Lyn. I have learned how to do some too.

  5. Pretty Stars Lyn and some nice sewing for your DD2 as well
    Wishing you a great Christmas and enjoy opening your swaps.

  6. Very pretty! Merry Christmas to you and yours...


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