Saturday, July 18, 2015

FNSI and other things

Well what a day it was exciting start with a trip to the airport to pick up DD2 after her long flights home from Vancouver..after a month away.  There was a fog layer over the runway here so the plane had to circle for about 50 mins until it cleared enough for them to get the all clear to land..phew she was glad to be on the ground..and noticed the cold weather as soon as we walked out of the terminal!!!
Lots to catch up on...and another thing to look forward to is DD1 arrives home tomorrow night after 3 years away on her OE...she flew as far as Auckland with DD2 but is spending a couple of days visiting friends up there before she flies down here..can't wait to see her....
Meanwhile for FNSI last night I added a few more rows to Mum's rug..I'm on the 14 colour change was the perfect project to work on ..catching up with DD2 and keeping warm..

It started snowing about an hour seems to be stop/start at the moment but we have a covering of snow on the back will wait to see what it is like in the morning..

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Another cracking frost.

Like so many places the big freeze has continued for the last few mornings with the temperature lowering to about -6 C degrees overnight , leaving us with a cracking frost...
Some shady parts of the garden  haven't defrosted since Saturday, white crunchy lawn, and there was this slab of ice which froze to over 4cm thick in an icecream container... 
Meanwhile lovely sunny days are following each frosty morning, perfect for warming the house but not so nice if you are outside in the cold air.
Mum's rug continues to grow..I've completed 9 colour changes so far..I'm really enjoying working on this and it gives my eyes a rest from other stitching.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015's cold

Well the temperature says 1 degree but that doesn't take into account the wind chill factor.. Yesterday we hit a high of 5 degrees..woohoo.. so the official reading was sunny but with a cold wind blowing up from the south where they had very heavy snow falls during the day...
Hello...yesterday sunny but cold
What a difference a day makes..we had light snow overnight and being down near sea level where we live it just left a light covering on the ground.. so this morning it was like this is a bit cold but a lot of fun rolling in the snow
 They are predicting snow showers to continue on and off till tomorrow.  There is a lot more snow in the hill suburbs and the Northern Motorway out of the city was closed last night (it's about 300 m above sea level) .  There will be a lot of cars and trucks stuck in town and on the other side of the hills till they open it..looks like a few shops will be without things like fresh bread as that gets trucked in from further north these days.  Motorists around town have been told to take care as there is a lot of black ice on the roads and a lot of bus services aren't running.
So, being school holidays, I am going to stay warm inside.. I've added a few more rows to mum's rug....
I did have an oops moment and had to undo the 2 rows of green , so am pleased to have corrected it and redone those rows..

Sunday, July 5, 2015

What a night...what a game...

It was both exciting and nerve-wracking last night as our team, the mighty Highlanders,  battled it out for the Rugby Super XV title, against another New Zealand team, the Hurricanes , (who had beaten us twice this year).  Not many people out of the area gave us a chance but our team led all through the game, and came away with the title..not bad for a team that was 2nd last in 2013 and are now the champions in very exciting..and as the saying goes 'Better to have a champion team than a team of champions".. a group of players who have worked hard for each other throughout the season.....found this photo online
So to give myself something to do while watching the game (and to keep the nerves at bay) I got out the wool for a ripple rug that I am making for Mum and got through a few rows..I started it on Friday for FNWF and after a month of hardly any crafting it was great to get back into doing something. 

The package of wool for the rug arrived during the week..I am using the pattern and selection of colours for the cottage ripple on the Attic 24 site.  Thought they looked like good colours for Mum, 
So after nearly a month of self imposed absence from blogging it is good to be back.  It has just been such a busy month with report writing, daughter's house flooding etc etc that I had to restrict to catch up on what's been happening in my absence..