Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Another cracking frost.

Like so many places the big freeze has continued for the last few mornings with the temperature lowering to about -6 C degrees overnight , leaving us with a cracking frost...
Some shady parts of the garden  haven't defrosted since Saturday, white crunchy lawn, and there was this slab of ice which froze to over 4cm thick in an icecream container... 
Meanwhile lovely sunny days are following each frosty morning, perfect for warming the house but not so nice if you are outside in the cold air.
Mum's rug continues to grow..I've completed 9 colour changes so far..I'm really enjoying working on this and it gives my eyes a rest from other stitching.


  1. That is chilly Lyn. here in BOP we have drizzly rain this morning so no frost, but we have had mild frosts the last 4 mornings which is a record for us.We have never had 4 in a row before in the 37 years we have lived here.
    Keep warm . Your blanket is looking lovely.

  2. Nippy here too, about -3.3C this morning, and some parts in the shade barely thaw before the sun goes down. I look at favourite places on " Accuweather" which gives the temp.,and also the "real feel" depending on wind chill. Hang in there, we are into the second half of the year, but as we know, that's when it is a whole lot colder. Lovely colours in the blanket.

  3. Hi LYn,yes we have had some bad frosts here as well,love your crochet blanket ,well done xx

  4. Loving these kiwi winters! Snap, my latest crochet project is the same pattern.

  5. I thought it was cold where I live , Lyn, but frost that doesn't thaw, that's C-c-c-c-cold!!
    Lovely crochet, great to tuck over yourself as you work!


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