Wednesday, July 8, 2015's cold

Well the temperature says 1 degree but that doesn't take into account the wind chill factor.. Yesterday we hit a high of 5 degrees..woohoo.. so the official reading was sunny but with a cold wind blowing up from the south where they had very heavy snow falls during the day...
Hello...yesterday sunny but cold
What a difference a day makes..we had light snow overnight and being down near sea level where we live it just left a light covering on the ground.. so this morning it was like this is a bit cold but a lot of fun rolling in the snow
 They are predicting snow showers to continue on and off till tomorrow.  There is a lot more snow in the hill suburbs and the Northern Motorway out of the city was closed last night (it's about 300 m above sea level) .  There will be a lot of cars and trucks stuck in town and on the other side of the hills till they open it..looks like a few shops will be without things like fresh bread as that gets trucked in from further north these days.  Motorists around town have been told to take care as there is a lot of black ice on the roads and a lot of bus services aren't running.
So, being school holidays, I am going to stay warm inside.. I've added a few more rows to mum's rug....
I did have an oops moment and had to undo the 2 rows of green , so am pleased to have corrected it and redone those rows..


  1. Sounds like you have the perfect solution to your weather! Love the start of your ripple.

  2. Looks cold... but so pretty with the dusting of snow.. your ripple blanket is so pretty

  3. Snap! I'm hooking the same pattern.
    The snow and the worst of the wintry weather seems to be missing Timaru, though we did get down to -7 the other night, but warmed up to +12 during the day.

  4. hate the black ice - we live on a hilly road and it is a 3 mile drive UP the ridge to get to our place - no curves, but hill the whole way - winter can be tiresome at times.

  5. Hi LYn ,Thankyou for sharing your snow pics,we have been really cold this year but haven't managed any snow yet,lol we have had lots of heavy frosts though,wow I love your mums blanket,stay warm my friend xx


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