Thursday, May 29, 2014

'Party' at the Chookshed

It is the Chookshed's 2nd birthday and Chookyblue is hosting a party..many of us will be attending in a 'virtual' way so if you want to join in on the party too, then go over to Chooky's and read all about it...and maybe sign up..
Meanwhile Mum's teapot cosy is growing..and yes if you think it looks different then you are right..I have put the one with frills aside for just now in favour of the pattern below which is working out much faster to knit..I can't remember the last time I knitted and finished something so speed is of the essence if I am to finish it..
The snow from the other day has melted away..though it took a few days in the spots where it was shady.. a bit of sun and wind is needed to dry the ground out now...

Monday, May 26, 2014

Snow overnight= bonus day at home..

Yes, the weather forecasters were spot on with their prediction of snow here in the South.  All schools in our city are closed for the day, so I am enjoying an extra day at home.  That may seem strange to some people who get a lot of snow but to get to most places where I live involves going up or down the hills that surround the city centre. 
 In winter it can be a bit dodgy at times with frosts, black ice and any snow that we get.  It all just makes driving a bit when there is a reasonable covering of snow laying on the ground and it is still falling in the morning they tend to think of the safety issues...especially for our school which sits on a fairly steep site.  
So it's just after lunch, the sun has come out again and here are some early afternoon shots..some blossom on my flowering cherry at this time of the year (and some of my azaleas have flowers too!)
and the dogs can't resist a roll in the snow especially this fellow..
I think I'll do some knitting this afternoon..I don't feel like doing any schoolwork!!!

Sunday, May 18, 2014

I did achieve something on Friday...

Out came the knitting needles and I started the tea cosy for the requested yellow colour..
I had to pin it down for the photo as it is curling at the hem..I'm up to the 'frill' part so will see how I go with that..
I also stitched a little more of the canvas work..nearly finished there..I had to. Make a slight design change because I didn't count the holes accurately in the corner..oh well I think they call that personalising a design...

Friday, May 16, 2014's Friday..

..and yes I am joining in with lots of you for FNSI tonight.
I was just outside before and the moon is rather amazing tonight..with the cloud layers across it..
I have a loaf of fruit bread in the breadmaker..yummm it smells wonderful ..takeaways for tea tonight so no washing up there..yay..and DH is busy watching the rugby on TV so I'll just settle in for some stitching ...I hope you are all finding the time to work on something as well....
I will pop in to visit tomorrow to see what you are all working on.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Red Sky In The Morning

Just as the sun was coming up this morning the most brilliant colour in the sky , within a few minutes it was gone...and then the light rain started....

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Hoping you are all having
a lovely day for
Mothers day

Monday, May 5, 2014

Trying to find an old pattern for a tea cosy....

..and wondering if anyone can help me.  It must be about 35 years ago that a pattern for a tea cosy with horizontal layered pleats appeared in a Sydney newspaper and I knitted it for Mum at the time.  Well the years have moved on and I have moved countries and I no longer have the pattern.  I have googled to no avail..the closest I can get to it is an image of one for sale that looks like this

From what I remember I knitted so many rows and then knitted into the back of a row further down to form the horizontal pleats.. I would like to make another one..Why??  Well when I was talking to Mum yesterday when she said that if I was looking for something to make I could make knit her a tea cosy.
I have a tea cosy book so if I can't find a pattern for the layered pleat one I have something to go on today I popped in to the shop and picked up some yellow wool then on to the op shop for 2 pairs of needle at $1 a pair so I am all set to go... if anyone could help me with the pattern I would be very grateful.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Friday Night With Friends

I was fortunate to spend the afternoon stitching with my 'Stitching Group' friends, since it was still the school holidays's back to work on Monday though.
I bought a new magazine the other day and in one of the freebie magazines with it I found a lovely pattern for canvas work by Fiona (of Fiona's Peaceful Threads). Now it is a long time since I have done canvas work (gee it must be something like 35 years ago) so there were a few little reverse stitching bits (mainly because I didn't read all the instructions for the stitch)
I carried on last night while DH was watching the League Test...and here is what I managed to achieve.