Thursday, May 29, 2014

'Party' at the Chookshed

It is the Chookshed's 2nd birthday and Chookyblue is hosting a party..many of us will be attending in a 'virtual' way so if you want to join in on the party too, then go over to Chooky's and read all about it...and maybe sign up..
Meanwhile Mum's teapot cosy is growing..and yes if you think it looks different then you are right..I have put the one with frills aside for just now in favour of the pattern below which is working out much faster to knit..I can't remember the last time I knitted and finished something so speed is of the essence if I am to finish it..
The snow from the other day has melted away..though it took a few days in the spots where it was shady.. a bit of sun and wind is needed to dry the ground out now...


  1. oh i'll take your extra moisture.............getting desperate your working on some knitting for the party........looking forward to seeing the progress.........

  2. See you there Lyn.xx

  3. Snow already! Looking forward to seeing the finished tea cosy

  4. Nice to have you join in the party fun..

  5. The tea cosy is looking good. It is hard to think of you having snow already - we are having a surprisingly warm May. See you at the Chookshed.

  6. Tea cosie looking good! See you at the Chook shed too!


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