Monday, May 26, 2014

Snow overnight= bonus day at home..

Yes, the weather forecasters were spot on with their prediction of snow here in the South.  All schools in our city are closed for the day, so I am enjoying an extra day at home.  That may seem strange to some people who get a lot of snow but to get to most places where I live involves going up or down the hills that surround the city centre. 
 In winter it can be a bit dodgy at times with frosts, black ice and any snow that we get.  It all just makes driving a bit when there is a reasonable covering of snow laying on the ground and it is still falling in the morning they tend to think of the safety issues...especially for our school which sits on a fairly steep site.  
So it's just after lunch, the sun has come out again and here are some early afternoon shots..some blossom on my flowering cherry at this time of the year (and some of my azaleas have flowers too!)
and the dogs can't resist a roll in the snow especially this fellow..
I think I'll do some knitting this afternoon..I don't feel like doing any schoolwork!!!


  1. No snow in Timaru, but it is getting colder by the day.
    Hope you enjoyed your day at home and kept warm and busy.

  2. Great photos.....still so warm here 25 today....enjoy the knitting

  3. lovely pics Lyn and think i would prefer to knit also,lol.xx

  4. Wow! Snow!! Great photos - always better to knit than do school work - warmish here too about 20 I think.

  5. first snow photo! Love it :o)

  6. a day off school sounds great... the snow looks fabulous too....

  7. Oh I want to be that dog - it looks like fun, Lyn!
    Yes safety can be of concern when there is snow around, enjoy your BONUS day!!


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