Sunday, June 7, 2015


What a week it was and so it was good to just sit down and relax with a needle and thread while I worked on this for FNWF. 
Tonight I have been stitching a lot of lazy daisies in the design under those words.
Yesterday was spent going around the shops with DD2 as she was looking at carpet, vinyl, wallpaper, heat pump, whiteware etc.  She wants to be ready with all the information when the insurance asks for it.  The assessor has been and her carpet was taken up and thrown out yesterday. Now she is waiting for a builder to come and check how far up the walls the water damage has gone..then she will know the extent of the work that needs to be done and how long it will take.  Funny thing is DH is a builder himself, but as he said you have to leave it to the insurance to sort it all out and reinstate her little house to what it was.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

It sure has been a day to forget..

..the heavy rain started last night and we have had 115mls during the day..usually we might expect about 65mls in a month.  The roads and drains in the city haven't been able to cope..and some homes have been flooded...and sadly DD2's little house has been one of those houses,..DH went to check on it at lunchtime as we heard that a number of roads in the area had flooded and what a sad awful sight it was.....water knee deep as you walked down the path and then up the front steps to the door.. and there it was ..water through the house as well..not a great day at all...

On the news tonight it said that one of the pumpstations had failed in the area..not what you want to hear when you have to deal with a flooded house..
...and now begins the process of dealing with the insurance claim and getting the house liveable again.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Well..what a weekend...

Here in New Zealand it was Queen's Birthday weekend so that meant a 3 day weekend for us..

It was the Chookshed's 3rd birthday so lots of us got to "attend" the party (virtually of course!!)

I have given in to the temptation of Lucy Boston.  When I called in to a LQS I saw some blocks on display with a notice that they have a Lucy Boston group meeting there, they had already had their first get together so I was going to join them for the 2nd one last week..bad luck though as it snowed on and off all day so it was postponed as no one was really keen to go out at night... so the next one is at the end of this a little bit of preparation has been done by way of retail therapy..the book, template and papers..
and a selection of fabrics to get me started..
our weekend jolted to a finish last night..quite literally.  They don't call New Zealand the Shaky Isles for nothing..We'd just gone to bed when there was a roaring sound and the house started shaking..the biggest earthquake we have felt in quite a while down here..a 4.7 centred just 30 km away.. we can sometimes feel the odd tremor from other parts of the South Island when they have had earthquakes...and they have recently assigned levels of earthquake risk to various parts of NZ..low, medium and high.  We were relieved to see that we live in one of the few parts of the country where it is considered at a low risk of having an earthquake... so it just goes to show...