Sunday, June 7, 2015


What a week it was and so it was good to just sit down and relax with a needle and thread while I worked on this for FNWF. 
Tonight I have been stitching a lot of lazy daisies in the design under those words.
Yesterday was spent going around the shops with DD2 as she was looking at carpet, vinyl, wallpaper, heat pump, whiteware etc.  She wants to be ready with all the information when the insurance asks for it.  The assessor has been and her carpet was taken up and thrown out yesterday. Now she is waiting for a builder to come and check how far up the walls the water damage has gone..then she will know the extent of the work that needs to be done and how long it will take.  Funny thing is DH is a builder himself, but as he said you have to leave it to the insurance to sort it all out and reinstate her little house to what it was.


  1. Love the words on your stitchery Lyn...

    Sew sorry to read about DD house.. Can't imagine how awful it is.

  2. hope all goes well for your daughter's house repair - bad thing that happened - but new look will be nice I'm sure.

  3. Those words are so true.
    Heartbreaking for your daughter and yourselves...hope everything goes smoothly and her home is back in order as quickly as possible.

  4. such a lot of work to get the house fixed up... I'm sure she is happy having your support...

  5. Beautiful stitching. I hope her house gets fixed quickly.

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  7. Lovely stitchery Lyn... the words are so apt. It's horrible that your DD's home was flooded. I hope the clear up and fix goes well and quickly. xxx


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