Monday, February 23, 2015

Initial Heart Swap.....Part 2

I've been waiting to hear that the parcel I sent had arrived before I shared it.  At times I felt a bit like a stalker as I kept checking the blog of the person I sent to (to see if they had posted that it had arrived) as well as our Swap Mama's to see if they have been marked off.
As the days dragged on I was really starting to worry that it had gone astray.  The other night I saw that the recipient's name has been marked off the list on Swap Mama Cheryll's blog, so I am relieved to know that it has arrived.  This is what I sent..
..and a block of Lindt Dark Orange the sweet surprise..
..and I'll be able to count this as an OPAM finish for February

Sunday, February 22, 2015


My FNSI this month became a Saturday Stitching Day.  One of my Friday Stitching Group friends and I set off early Saturday morning to drive an hour north, pick up another friend along the way, and then on to spend the day with a lovely group of ladies at their monthly quilting workday.
The drive up the hills out of town saw us travelling through some rather thick mist and it thankfully cleared as we went down the hills on the other side and along the coast.
  What a great day I had.
I did manage to do a little stitching (oh dear it doesn't look like much does it..but there is more to add to it..)  amongst all the chatting and looking at what others were working on...
I hope that everyone else had a wonderful time for FNSI this month as well

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Initial Heart Swap

This beautifully wrapped parcel from Kerrie of  channelbankcreations arrived in the mail for me..

Inside was a pattern folder..just look at the gorgeous heart that Kerrie stitched on the cover she made....all those lovely stitches and embellishing..
and a view of the inside with a few treats for me to enjoy..
all set for me to now organise the patterns that I am working from..what a wonderful gift.
A big thank you, Kerrie,..this is going to be so useful.. just perfect!

Saturday, January 24, 2015


..was spent finishing off this mini quilt.  It needed the binding sewed down and now that is done I can mark it off my list of things that I need to finish off..feels good to finish it off!!

Monday, January 19, 2015


Well I'm back online and back in NZ after my trip to many things to catch up on but to kickstart the week ..Friday is the day for
so head on over to Wendy's blog to sign up for the first FNSI for 2015

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Secret Santa Swap

A quick photo of my gift from Lisa for the swap..thank you so much Lisa it truly is a gorgeous Christmas stocking..many thanks for being my Secret Santa this year..
now it is nearly time to head off to the airport for me...

         Wishing you all a lovely Christmas. 
May all the joy of the Festive Season be yours...

 Thank you so much for visiting my blog throughout the year and for the lovely comments that have been written.  All the best for 2015.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Nearly there...

Mum's bag is finished, so a quick photo before it goes in the bag..the bag is nearly packed for my flight will be Christmas on both sides of the Tasman for I'm just making sure I have all the gadgets charged up and remember to pack the chargers in my bag...and the chutney and the chocolate ginger that Mum likes and all the other bits and pieces that I've been getting together..