Wednesday, January 27, 2016


                                                                       Opam 2016

..I've joined up for OPAM again this year.  I need to get motivated and stop daydreaming about what I want to work on and just get on with it.  Last year didn't go well and I ended up with more unfinished projects at the end of it than what I started here's hoping for some more finishes this year.
If you would like to join in then visit Kris or Peg before February 1.

Monday, January 25, 2016


..well I'm back home again after my trip to Sydney to see Mum.  It's a bit of a mammoth day travelling back..left Mum's at 6.30 am and arrived home at 9.30pm NZ time (7.30pm AEDT).there is no direct flight for us now from Sydney (they were discontinued in 2014 so more flight capacity could be put in to Queenstown and Christchurch..just great (not!!)) it was a 3 hour flight to Auckland, followed by a 3 hour wait in the domestic terminal before another 3 hour flight south..which included a 35 minute stop in Wellington...a long day just to cross the ditch..
I did join in for FNSI..spent a bit of time contemplating what I'm going to work on this year..and then did a little more on the rug I am making..have got seriously behind with it..
While I was away DH built the timber frame so we could have a roof over our back Saturday was spent helping to put the clear roofing was a bit breezy so all help was needed to hold the sheet panels till he had screwed them down...guess what sort of day we have today..
Yes, it's drizzling and showers are expected for the next few days..but I'm not worried as it's nice and dry under here.. that's one of the solar lights I found on sale in glows green when it's dark..
One week of school holidays left..then the year will really be in full swing..
I hope you all enjoyed FNSI..I will have to visit over the next few days to see what you all did...

Sunday, January 10, 2016


Well a first for me as I am in Sydney for FNWF.  It has been wonderful to see the sunshine after the few days of heavy rain.  Mum's phone is out till Tuesday, something to do with a cut cable, so it is just as well I am still here.  They have redirected her calls to my mobile as Mum has never wanted to have a mobile...but now the thought that she could have been without access to a phone for a week if I wasn't here with mine has got her thinking about whether she might need to get one 'for emergencies'.
Last year (seems strange to think of 2015 as last year) Mum was reading the weekend paper when she saw a teapot cosy in the living section..thought it would be great for my DD2 ( her GD of course).  They only had a website so there was phone call to me to 'look on the net' as she calls it.  Not available the website said so a bit of a google found one in a shop in Tasmania and it was soon on it's way.  

Mum doesn't crochet so I also have the task of making it for FNWF  I got started..
Now the other night I fluked resizing some photos so will try to manage it tonight on the iPad...oh well!

Thursday, January 7, 2016

It's the start of a new year

.and I have a few things to catch up on sharing.  I tried to do this post the other day but had so much trouble adding photos that I gave up..come back to it today and it's working fine..can't figure that one out..
Well how relieved was I when I heard from Fiona that the gift I sent her for the SSCS swap had arrived..I don't know where it has been and it probably has its own tale to tell but that doesn't matter now that Fiona has it.
I made a Home Sweet...Sweet Home decoration

And a project folder as you can never have enough of them for your special projects
..and I included some fabric with pohutakawa flowers on it as they flower at Christmas time and are also known as the New Zealand Christmas tree..and just in case Fiona had a little time to relax and read..a copy of the NZ Quilter magazine

Friday, December 25, 2015

Happy Christmas To All

.....and all the best for the New Year.
A quick catch up on is what I received from Kerrie
2 lovely felt ornaments and a gorgeous stocking with lace , buttons and embroidery..thank you so much, Kerrie for your lovely gift.
But sadly the parcel that I sent is somewhere in transit to Queensland, I'm not really sure where it is , (somewhere in the channels of Australia Post)  and am so disappointed that it hasn't arrived in time.  This what it looks like..and I am just hoping that it will find its way to where it should be..
I'm off to Sydney tomorrow to spend some time with my Mum, so will pop in every so often to see what everyone is up to.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

FNWF and Spring is here at last..

                Spring bulbs flowering are something I always look forward to each year and this year I potted some up on the back deck.           
After a long, miserable, cold winter could it be that spring has finally arrived.  Yesterday was a brilliant sunny day and yes the sun is shining again today, what a difference it makes after the grey gloomy days of winter.  Time to get out in the garden, mow the lawns and check out the damage to some of the plants from too many hard frosts this year..
 My stitching has been in the doldrums over winter..not much has been happening on that to try and get myself back on track I joined up with everyone for FNWF..and spent part of the time looking for inspiration for Christmas stitching..and also doing a few more rows of Mum's throw.  I'm really loving these colours.
The plan is to deliver it when I am over in Sydney at Christmas time..hope Mum likes it..

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Talk about slow stitching..

Or should I say hardly any stitching (or blogging either).  Busy times seem to make the days slip by in a bit of a blur!!
This seems to be the sum total of my stitching efforts over the last few weeks..a few paper pieces joined together and a few more rows on the rug I am making....just a little bit of progress

looking for help......On signing in this morning I received a notice that said I have to notify visitors from Europe about any cookies that are used on my blog?? have any of you got the same notice and if so what did you do about it??? Cookies??