Friday, September 12, 2014

Spring Blooms...

..not from my garden though.  One of the ladies in the Friday stitching group (that I get to catch up with after school) had a bucketful that she had picked from her garden..and we all got to take a bunch home with lucky were we..

Monday, September 8, 2014

It's a Mystery..

..quilt project that is..when I saw the post from The Country Yard advertising a stitchery mystery quilt I was was the colours that got me!!
When I got home this afternoon the first package was in the mail..

When I opened it up this  was inside..a beautifully wrapped package....                
which I opened up to reveal this box to put everything in...
and inside it was the fabric for the some of the stitcheries..some Cottage Garden and Aurifil thread ...
..and a needlecase..which was a lovely surprise...
Now I can't wait till the next month's package arrives....

Sunday, September 7, 2014

FNWF and a challenge

Well Friday after work I met up with my stitching friends  to see what they are working on and of course to have a cuppa with them.  So later on I spent a little time on these little circles of felt which need to be finished this week , and then they will be added to the little pillows on my tree.

I joined in to the challenge that Clare of Clare's Craftroom organised for August.  These were the 2 photos that Clare emailed to me for inspiration...
 I focused on the basket and the colour.  I like basket blocks and so I made up one block..was going to make more but no time this month.  My little block has ended up as a pincushion which should come in handy..


Thursday, September 4, 2014


A little late in posting a finish for August..the little Christmas stitcheries from a few weeks back hanging on the wooden tree that I made at the 'Christmas group' I go to each month.  The empty spaces are for the rest of the ornaments that are still under construction.
..and I've just seen that it is the first Friday tomorrow so time to sign up for Friday Night With Friends over here

Saturday, August 16, 2014


Well it's been a lovely sunny day here..quite a contrast from some of the weather we have had lately.  I joined in with FNSI last night and worked away on lots of white xstitches around the border of the piece I am working on..quite tedious and not all that exciting to do!  Then it was getting a couple of stitcheries ready for 'stuffing'..and that little pile of stuffing ]might just be enough for one..the rest is in the bag.  Photos taken in the late afternoon sun outside..

Friday, August 8, 2014

Well...Yes... it did snow overnight..

Just as was forecast we woke to snow this morning (it's not always quite so accurate) and my little car is not going anywhere..schools are closed for the day and I have the day at home..warm inside..yippee!! 
Snow on the ground, snow on the plants and the dogs have been enjoying the snow..they just love to run and roll in it, even the coil of the hose was covered
the dog's have had a good romp in the snow and now it is coming down again..
A pot of soup is on the stove and now all I have to think about is what to work on for the rest of the many projects on the go that need my attention..

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Just wondering how accurate the weather forecast is going to be....

I was just checking on the weather report for tomorrow and this is what was on line...I wonder if that is the way the weather will pan out..or if it might just pass us by as it did last month
According to DH they are now saying Friday will be the day..hmmm..will just have to wait and see..


Occasional showers developing in the morning. Snow above 500 metres, gradually lowering to near sea level overnight. Northwesterlies, gale gusting 120 km/h especially about the eastern ranges, tending westerly and easing by midday.
Issued: 11:25am 6 Aug