Sunday, December 7, 2014


Magdolia is the name of the fabulous doll exhibition I went to today ..One of the teachers I work with makes the most wonderful dolls.  She made her first doll 3 years ago at a class and since then she has made over 50 dolls.  She wanted to share her dolls with others so with school finished on Friday she  had arranged to hire the Community Gallery in town for the weekend and set up her exhibition.  It was fabulous to see them all displayed..all the details and some were crafted on well known personalities.
DH drove me into town and he even went in to look at them when he came to pick me up.
I asked if I could take some photos..of course, she said, and it was then I discovered the battery was flat on my I took some shots on my phone.. wasn't sure  how they would turn here are some of the dolls that were on display..
Some of the dolls heads she has made..
The props and accessories really added to the display..
Each doll had her own name as well..
This was made for her Dad..dressed in the family tartan..

and Shirley's wig came from the US
The fabric used for the outfits looked just like fish scales ..

Jill is one talented lady..

Saturday, December 6, 2014


Well last night came at the end of a very busy week.  School's out for Summer!!  Yes the last day of the school year was yesterday and so no answering to bells till next year.  We had Junior Prizegiving in the morning followed by a shared lunch and farewells for staff who are leaving school-there were some retirements and a few who are moving to other places-the most for quite a while.
I went on to meet up with my stitching friends for a special afternoon tea and was pleased to get there earlier than usual.  Then after a trip to the airport and tea afterwards I finally sat down and worked on something that wasn't too strenuous on my eyes...and something that is for me..
Some bobbin winding for a small lace project..
And then a little bit more stitching on one of my yet to be finished projects..there are certainly a few that I have to choose from!!

Sunday, November 30, 2014


The gift I made was wrapped and sent on its way over the seas to....??
And my gift has just arrived from Lisa..
with a gorgeous decoration inside which I was able to open straight away..
the other package has been put away for Christmas Day..thank you Lisa, it's just lovely..
Well it's hard to believe it will be Summer's temperature was a chilly 9 degrees..but the wind made it feel so much colder..still this is the last week of school for the year so that is something to be excited about!!

Sunday, November 23, 2014


Well FNSI saw me take some time, for myself, to do some more secret sewing  so I can't show too much but....I may or may not have been using some fabrics from this selection...
It was a change to have a break from this 2.5 inch high stack of papers.. 
yes, it's been end of year report writing time and in this stack are the subject reports for my class..all printed ..1 page per subject and there are 9 pages per student at the moment..I have been proofreading all the pages-some I have written and some have been done by other subject teachers ... then  writing a final comment  for each front page..and now they will be off to our Year 7 dean tomorrow for her to sign.. then on to the I going to be glad to pass them on.. I can get back to sewing at night...just for a change..

Sunday, November 16, 2014

It's out with the old...

My poor old lamp has finally had fell apart the other night as I was sewing at night.  The lights on my sewing machine just don't do it at night so an extra light is a must..

I already knew that  'white' light suited me better than the yellowish glow of this old halogen lamp when it fell apart it was the perfect time to say goodbye to it and go shopping for a new one...there was not a lot of choice in town but this is the one I came home will get a good trial this week as I work on finishing a few things...well that is the plan after I finish writing some school reports ..

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Im back.... with FNWF

After a few weeks of blogging silence, I'm back to share what I worked on Friday night.  I had the writing stitched before Friday and did all of the rest on Friday night and did my fingers notice all that stitching!!  I had a bit of trouble focusing at one stage so a little closing of the eyes and I was back into it.  Saturday saw me putting on the borders and then starting to do a little quilting.....this one is for me...unlike the other secret sewing that I have been doing....
                         pear tree in the garden so I looked for something else and chose this one..

Saturday, October 18, 2014


My FNSI night was spent making a 'ratbag'.  DD2 is going to a themed fancy dress for her friend's birthday...she is going as Princess Bubblegum ( from the Adventure Time cartoon) She made the outfit and then just needed a pet rat to complete it and that is what I ended up doing for her.  So not finding a pattern I had to make one with a bit of trial and error and a few sheets of paper...and it ended up being a combined rat and bag so a phone and small purse could fit is the end result..and it had to be these colours in this order...