Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Gingham is not all that easy to find these days...

I saw a post on the Riley Blake blog for a little project that used gingham.  Off to the shops I went but was surprised when the first shop didn't have quarter inch gingham.  The second did have some but it seems flimsier than the last time I bought gingham (and that was many years ago really)  Since it is all I could get I will just have to see how it goes..

The squares have run off line so hopefully a press and reshape will do the trick as I only need 6 inches for what I am doing.

Monday, April 14, 2014

A long time between posts..

....mainly due to a lack of energy and motivation to be honest.  I was unlucky enough to get one off those bugs going around that laid me low for a few weeks...the sort that drained your energy and left me with a persistent cough that was hard to get rid of. 
Of course you then get out of the habit of blogging so today is the day to rectify that and share the lovely Mini Quilt I received from Sue for the Easter themed swap.
Sue had made the label for the back of the quilt along with a gorgeous bookmark ..also in the package was a coaster that Cheryll had sent to each of us to include with our quilts.

I have lots to catch up on to see what all of you have been up to as well...and there shouldn't be such a long gap between this post and the next....

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Initial Heart Swap

I was in the Initial heart Swap run by Cheryll (she always runs such great swaps, so a big thank you to Cheryll).  Imagine my surprise when I opened the parcel to find this gorgeous bag inside.  
Simone appliqued hearts on the bag and put my initial in the middle, it is absolutely fabulous, beautiful work.  It has already had its first outing and been admired ..Simone had also sent a lovely bar of soap and some Ferrero chocolates...yummy....
The strangest coincidence was in seeing the town the parcel came from.  Simone lives just around the road from where my Aunt and Uncle lived for many years so I have some great memories of there.    We always stopped in Bathurst on the way there from Sydney to visit them...in those days though, there was no Hatched and Patched shop to visit..

Saturday, February 8, 2014

It breaks your heart...

...to read what Chookyblue and the farmers in Australia are going through.  DROUGHT..such an insidious word...and the physical and emotional stress that it brings is far more than we, in the cities could ever imagine.  No water, no feed for the animals....
They need our prayers and our thoughts .....they need us to know what they are going through....they need help.....

Friday, January 31, 2014

A small finish for January

A little ornament from Marg Low's Christmas Book..just needed some stitching around the outside...done...

Sunday, January 26, 2014

FNSI for January

Last year I bought a copy of this magazine..thinking I could make some of the ornaments throughout the year...

..now it is a long time since I did any cross stitch so I picked up a little piece of fabric on Friday so I had something to start on Friday night..the fabric I picked up was 32ct linen (and I didn't read the pattern to see what I would need first) so before I could get very far with it ..a stronger light and a change of glasses was needed..and this is what I achieved...rather enjoyed it really..

                                Cosy Inn by Little House Needleworks on 32ct linen

Sunday, January 19, 2014

The Garden Show on 2GB

Mum's favourite radio station is 2GB.  While in Sydney one of the things we listened to on a Saturday or Sunday morning was the Garden Show..and I jotted down a few tips from Graham Ross.  I thought last Sunday would be the last time I could listen to it till my next trip across the Tasman.  But surprise, surprise I can listen to it on my laptop..isn't the internet a wonderful thing.
Graham has just reminded us it is May Gibb's birthday.  Last year Mum and I visited her home, Nutcote, in Neutral Bay.  It is open to the public and a wonderful view into the past.  It will be a special day there today to remember her birthday.