Sunday, April 30, 2017

What I am reading at the moment...

A while back Booktopia had free shipping here to New Zealand.  At the time I was looking for a slow cooker recipe book and came across the books by Sally Wise.  I ordered the one on slow cooking and then this one also grabbed my attention.

I've been enjoying reading about their first year on the farm and the setting up of the cooking school. The diary-like entries are interspersed with recipes.  One that I want to try is for pineapple jam.  I have memories, from growing up, of  pineapple jam on the rare occasions mum would buy it for me..I seemed to be the only one in the family who enjoyed came in a can and I can still remember the opening of it and getting that first taste each is years since I have seen it, so I wonder if the version I make from the book will live up to my memories or surpass them..


  1. This book sounds lovely - good luck with your pineapple jam! x

  2. I hadn't heard of Booktopia before so have googled it, they seem to have quite a selection. Have fun with your jam, it does sound delicious!


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