Sunday, October 4, 2015

FNWF and Spring is here at last..

                Spring bulbs flowering are something I always look forward to each year and this year I potted some up on the back deck.           
After a long, miserable, cold winter could it be that spring has finally arrived.  Yesterday was a brilliant sunny day and yes the sun is shining again today, what a difference it makes after the grey gloomy days of winter.  Time to get out in the garden, mow the lawns and check out the damage to some of the plants from too many hard frosts this year..
 My stitching has been in the doldrums over winter..not much has been happening on that to try and get myself back on track I joined up with everyone for FNWF..and spent part of the time looking for inspiration for Christmas stitching..and also doing a few more rows of Mum's throw.  I'm really loving these colours.
The plan is to deliver it when I am over in Sydney at Christmas time..hope Mum likes it..