Sunday, July 31, 2011

Catching up.....

There have often been comments like "experience 4 seasons in one day" about where I live, but this week it has been 4 seasons in one week really.  On Sunday/ Monday we had snow which then made Tuesday a bitterly cold day ( hard to get the hands and feet warm). Then the sunshine reappeared for Wednesday/Thursday before we had rain on Friday.  Today we have a frosty morning but then that means that we also have a wonderfully sunny day.
Little icicles of frost on a wooden bench on a winter's morning

Having a few days holiday this week has helped me get on with some of my works in progress.  I haven't felt up to stitching of late so it is amazing how a few days rest and relaxation gives you back the desire to stitch and also helps you to get back on track.  I have been working on my Tis The Season blocks ( a photo will follow later) and also some more flowers.  (A shame I have to go back to work tomorrow! )
Blooms on a bare winter's tree with snow underneath.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tasks for Tuesday

* Keep warm!  There is an icy chill to the air.  What was lovely white fluffy snow yesterday, froze overnight and today it is very icy and slippery.  (just as well we cleared the path and steps yesterday)
    I found a few things to keep me inside where it was warm
* Finish Hexagon Caddy Pincushion (no 2).  This time I started with a 1 inch hexagon and followed Penny's instructions, rounding off the sides this time.  This size will be just right for when I am stitching.
     Here is a picture outside on a snow covered bench

* Trace off the remaining blocks for Tis The season and iron on interfacing. ....I've done that too!!  Now to get them stitched so I can catch up!!  

Monday, July 25, 2011

Snow + hills = impossible driving conditions

The snow showers stopped just before lunchtime today and have made their way further north to Christchurch and beyond so people there are now feeling the polar blast.  The roads into and out of our city were closed this morning as were many in the suburbs and throughout the region.  They were icy and dangerous and the police warning was to stay at home unless travel was absolutely necessary.    So a day at home for all!!   
                             Snow + hills = impossible driving conditions
 Some people ventured out, though, and from where we live we could see them sliding off one of the steep curves of a road and into a ditch on the side of it and that is where their cars stayed till late afternoon when the tow trucks could make it up to where they were.  I wonder how much the tow trucks and the panel beaters will make out of this.

I have done the prep work for another hexie pincushion using paper piecing again.  This time I started with a 1 inch hexagon.  A little handstitching and stuffing and it will be done.  I was able to take the photo outside this afternoon and had to use the lid as the snow was still piled high on the outdoor table.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Let It Snow.....

...for we are warm and cosy inside.  I had given up on any snow this year but this time the weather report got it right- we have had snow showers off and on all day with enough snow to have a good inch or more on the ground outside.  Not too bad considering we are at sea level and it is late July.
At times the sun came out and I thought that is it, but then it's got dark and gloomy again with another snow shower.  With the low temperatures now, if it freezes tonight, I will be very pleased that I don't have to go to work tomorrow,  as the roads will be treacherous I think.
The dogs have had a great time rolling around outside and are now sleeping off all that activity.  It's been a good day to do some baking and put a roast in the oven for tea- sure keeps the house warm.

Snow on the path
Not to be content with rolling in the snow he had to gather some firewood as well.
Someone thought it would be fun to make a 'snow fridge' to see how quickly they could chill a bottle of lemonade!

This was early on in the day - a few cars spun out or crashed and then blocked the road before they got the snow plough out.  It is always hard trying to go up the hills in the snow!
We had some idiots joyriding on the street outside- doing drifts and going sideways -not too smart at all given the conditions, as it can be quite icy under the snow. 

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A finish- Hexie Caddy Pincushion

I saw a display of Hexie Caddy Pincushions on May Kristin's blog Krisp Quilt on her 6 July post.  From there I was able to follow the link she had to the 'pennyshands' blog here  where there was a tutorial showing the pattern and how to make one- so here is mine

Meanwhile I am busy this week at a conference - luckily for me I haven't had to travel to it as it is right here- with interesting and practical content.  So I am having a quick catch up tonight on what everyone is up to on their blogs.

Monday, July 11, 2011

There's slow and steady...

...and then there is just slow.
I thought I would be able to keep up with the schedule for Tis the Season but , alas, I hit a snag early on and my intended progress has been slower than I expected- a little embarrassing especially when I see how many of you are putting yours together now.  I will have to get a move on but in the meantime here are 4 of my completed stitcheries (a quick photo )

I have decided to leave the borders until I finish all the stitcheries as I am unsure of how I want to finish them.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

I've been busy reading and planning...

The New Zealand Quilter magazine is a quarterly magazine published out of Wellington.  There are always interesting articles to read and several patterns of quilts etc to make.  The latest issue profiles the Hoffman Challenge quilts (with the winner on the cover), the bedsize quilts from the Remarkable Symposium in Queenstown and some of our local quilters along with other articles of interest. 
A Cut Above
Joanne Mitchell
64 in x 64 in
The quilt A Cut Above  caught my eye when I was reading the magazine, and obviously the attention of those who saw it on display at Queenstown.  It is going to be shared with the readers of the NZ Quilter magazine with one block published in this issue and the others will follow one block at a time in future issues.   There will be 13 blocks and each is a paper cut block with a New Zealand flavour and they are needleturn applique.
Since my copy of the New Zealand Quilter magazine arrived the other day I have been planning on doing this quilt- since each issue comes out every 3 months I'm hoping that I might be up to the challenge- first thing though will be to decide on fabric... Here is a picture of the first block-
The Ponga block

Thursday, July 7, 2011

The stats say it all....

The weather has been kind to us so far this winter.  In the paper this week (and contrary to popular belief about life here in the south)  was the news that we have had our warmest June yet and, in fact, for the month of June we were the sunniest and driest of the six main centres here in NZ.  It is only over the last week that we have started to get a few frosts and even then it has really only been the grass which has frozen, the roads have been good.  We have had some light rain tonight so hope the temperature stays above freezing.....

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


There are times when life work gets in the way of any crafting- it's been a busy time at work and so when I get home I've found it a bit hard to focus on stitching.  I have been popping in to some of the blogs to see what everyone is up to- but when you don't have anything finished to show, you may (as I have) let the time slip away without blogging.  But I'm looking ahead to getting back into it and onto some projects that are languishing in my craft bag!
My copy of the New Zealand Quilter magazine arrived in the mail the other day and there was Deb's blog The Angel and The Pukeko mentioned on the page where they profile different web addresses.  What a thrill that will be for her.  I have found another quilt pattern to add to my dream list- papercut blocks in batik to applique onto a black background- it looks stunning and the first block was in this issue.  Since the magazine comes out quarterly it gives me time to plan...
I also managed to get along to the monthly get together of the local bobbin lace group ( I have been missing many meetings of late) so will look towards getting a new project started there too.