Sunday, July 24, 2011

Let It Snow.....

...for we are warm and cosy inside.  I had given up on any snow this year but this time the weather report got it right- we have had snow showers off and on all day with enough snow to have a good inch or more on the ground outside.  Not too bad considering we are at sea level and it is late July.
At times the sun came out and I thought that is it, but then it's got dark and gloomy again with another snow shower.  With the low temperatures now, if it freezes tonight, I will be very pleased that I don't have to go to work tomorrow,  as the roads will be treacherous I think.
The dogs have had a great time rolling around outside and are now sleeping off all that activity.  It's been a good day to do some baking and put a roast in the oven for tea- sure keeps the house warm.

Snow on the path
Not to be content with rolling in the snow he had to gather some firewood as well.
Someone thought it would be fun to make a 'snow fridge' to see how quickly they could chill a bottle of lemonade!

This was early on in the day - a few cars spun out or crashed and then blocked the road before they got the snow plough out.  It is always hard trying to go up the hills in the snow!
We had some idiots joyriding on the street outside- doing drifts and going sideways -not too smart at all given the conditions, as it can be quite icy under the snow. 


  1. Ooh - if you have to have weather that cold then snow definitely improves things - unless you have to go on the roads. Your dog looks very pleased to have kept the firewood supply up. A good sewing/cooking day.

  2. How lovely Lyn, our flurries start to settle then stop, then start and stop again, just teasing. So not fair.

  3. oh it looks so beautiful, and it is wonderful to hear your obvious joy.


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