Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tasks for Tuesday

* Keep warm!  There is an icy chill to the air.  What was lovely white fluffy snow yesterday, froze overnight and today it is very icy and slippery.  (just as well we cleared the path and steps yesterday)
    I found a few things to keep me inside where it was warm
* Finish Hexagon Caddy Pincushion (no 2).  This time I started with a 1 inch hexagon and followed Penny's instructions, rounding off the sides this time.  This size will be just right for when I am stitching.
     Here is a picture outside on a snow covered bench

* Trace off the remaining blocks for Tis The season and iron on interfacing. ....I've done that too!!  Now to get them stitched so I can catch up!!  


  1. Wow! One inch hexagons! Hand stitching it must be a challenge...amazing!
    Great idea rounding off the sides. Must try that :)
    Have added it to the Parade

  2. Love how this one has turned out.
    Take care with the slippery ice around - its good you dont have to go out in it too much at the moment.

  3. I love this, it is very pretty! Hopefully the weather is getting better?


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