Sunday, July 31, 2011

Catching up.....

There have often been comments like "experience 4 seasons in one day" about where I live, but this week it has been 4 seasons in one week really.  On Sunday/ Monday we had snow which then made Tuesday a bitterly cold day ( hard to get the hands and feet warm). Then the sunshine reappeared for Wednesday/Thursday before we had rain on Friday.  Today we have a frosty morning but then that means that we also have a wonderfully sunny day.
Little icicles of frost on a wooden bench on a winter's morning

Having a few days holiday this week has helped me get on with some of my works in progress.  I haven't felt up to stitching of late so it is amazing how a few days rest and relaxation gives you back the desire to stitch and also helps you to get back on track.  I have been working on my Tis The Season blocks ( a photo will follow later) and also some more flowers.  (A shame I have to go back to work tomorrow! )
Blooms on a bare winter's tree with snow underneath.

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  1. Pleased you have your mojo back.
    Love the photo of your Blue Hexie with the snow underheath.


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