Friday, April 26, 2013

One Christmas Item...

I saw some crochet stars out there in came some wool and a crochet hook...and here are the first 2 of what will be many, I'm sure, to pop into my box of Christmas goodies..quick and easy as there are only 3 I think I'll make some more tonight while the Rugby League is on..

Thursday, April 25, 2013

25 April

Anzac Day
 a day of remembrance 
in Australia and New Zealand.

Lest we forget.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The sun must be there somewhere...

Last day of the term was on Friday and since then it has been wet and miserable here..(though no where near as bad as further north) is supposed to last until this Friday..yuk...not very nice for the first week of the school holidays for anyone with young children.....looking out the window the misty rain is fairly low down and I can barely see the cars coming down the hill even with their lights on at 1pm in the afternoon..I've read the paper and a new magazine..spoken to my daughter in  some lunch first and then maybe put the heat pump on and decide what to work on for the afternoon..

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Friday Night With Friends... was our little lace group's get together day today...and so my Friday night was spent getting something ready to work may not look like much but it does take its time..(I was also somewhat distracted by the Rugby League game that was on TV, but at least my team won)..
I found a pattern for a rectangular table mat, and this will be the first time I am going to try something like is the photo from the magazine..I just hope mine will look something like it!!!

This is the photo from the magazine of what it should look like (one day!!)...
Firstly, though, I wanted to see if the thread I was using was OK for it and I also wanted to practice a few of the I wound some bobbins and prepared a part of the pattern which meant I had to prick all the holes where the pins will eventually go... there were lots of dots to prick with a needle gadget that I have..
And so with preparation done, I was all ready, today, to start on the practice piece...and as I said, for the amount of time I spent it doesn't look like much...and with the other things I have on the go it will take time....
Daylight saving ends here has been so dark in the mornings so we will have a little more light then for a little while, but I am not looking forward to the earlier nights..and the weather has certainly cooled down the last few felt like it was only about 13 degrees celsius yesterday and I found it hard to try and get warm last night even with the heat pump on...winter must be just around the corner...

Thursday, April 4, 2013

St Patrick..

....patron Saint of Ireland.  When I was in the primary school ( all those years ago)  I remember that we used to have a holiday on St Patrick's Day, and I wonder if any of you remember as well.  It was always something to look forward to, but alas it was too good to last and by the time I went to High School it was a thing of the past, consigned to memories.
As part of Cheryll's Mini Quilt Swap group we made a St Patrick's Day Quilt.  I received this lovely quilt from Maria, beautifully wrapped in a fat quarter of green fabric, with another fat quarter inside.  I just LOVE it...thank you Maria.

and here is the one that I made and sent off to Melody..

and on the back I attached the label that Cheryll sent me from her little give away..(and I was lucky that Maria attached a label , just the same, on to the back of my quilt)

Tomorrow is the first Friday in April and Cheryll is once again hosting Friday Night With Friends.  So why not pop over to her blog and sign up and 'stitch along with us' tomorrow night.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

I am still here..

..and I need to catch up with my blog and write a few posts..but first I need to take a few photos.  I need to catch up on posting about the St Patrick's Day Mini Swap and the lovely little quilt I received from Maria, show what I made, and what I am working on.  I will see if I can remember to take a few photos when I get home from work tomorrow...The mornings are getting so dark now...daylight saving ends this weekend so that will make a difference for a while..