Thursday, April 4, 2013

St Patrick..

....patron Saint of Ireland.  When I was in the primary school ( all those years ago)  I remember that we used to have a holiday on St Patrick's Day, and I wonder if any of you remember as well.  It was always something to look forward to, but alas it was too good to last and by the time I went to High School it was a thing of the past, consigned to memories.
As part of Cheryll's Mini Quilt Swap group we made a St Patrick's Day Quilt.  I received this lovely quilt from Maria, beautifully wrapped in a fat quarter of green fabric, with another fat quarter inside.  I just LOVE it...thank you Maria.

and here is the one that I made and sent off to Melody..

and on the back I attached the label that Cheryll sent me from her little give away..(and I was lucky that Maria attached a label , just the same, on to the back of my quilt)

Tomorrow is the first Friday in April and Cheryll is once again hosting Friday Night With Friends.  So why not pop over to her blog and sign up and 'stitch along with us' tomorrow night.

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  1. I enjiyed making the St pat's Mini for you Lyn..
    Love the one you make for Melody..
    Thanks for the reminder.


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