Monday, May 5, 2014

Trying to find an old pattern for a tea cosy....

..and wondering if anyone can help me.  It must be about 35 years ago that a pattern for a tea cosy with horizontal layered pleats appeared in a Sydney newspaper and I knitted it for Mum at the time.  Well the years have moved on and I have moved countries and I no longer have the pattern.  I have googled to no avail..the closest I can get to it is an image of one for sale that looks like this

From what I remember I knitted so many rows and then knitted into the back of a row further down to form the horizontal pleats.. I would like to make another one..Why??  Well when I was talking to Mum yesterday when she said that if I was looking for something to make I could make knit her a tea cosy.
I have a tea cosy book so if I can't find a pattern for the layered pleat one I have something to go on today I popped in to the shop and picked up some yellow wool then on to the op shop for 2 pairs of needle at $1 a pair so I am all set to go... if anyone could help me with the pattern I would be very grateful.


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  2. what a lovely idea but sorry i cant help you i dont have any tea cosy patterns,but good luck in finding one.xx

  3. Lyn, I'll go to our Opp shop this morning, as they often have vintage knitting pattern books there, and see if there is anything like that one, Lovely thought for your Mum. Cheers, jean,.

  4. Found a beehive pattern - not the same but similar and quite cute!!

  5. Did you try looking in Ravelry? I just saw something similar in there.


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