Tuesday, December 17, 2013

It's a bit like coming out of hibernation I think..

..or my own self imposed exile from blogging.  Life became just too busy at school (the last month of the school year usually ups the stress levels somewhat) and there were things that I needed to finish off.   So I had to avoid the temptation of reading all your blogs and focus on what I had to get done.  I was on a strict time schedule.
 I have missed out on a lot of what you have been up to.  So now begins the process of catching up.  I need to get out my camera and take some photos..I need to take a tour around all your blogs and say hello..
As I'm sitting here the bell has just rung for the end of lunch at the little primary school across the road...what a lovely feeling knowing the bells aren't running my day for a while.  Our school finished up last week..I've had a few days to relax...
and so today I am...


  1. hi Lyn good to have you back.xx

  2. Lyn, lovely card with words and pansies, and good to know your days will get easier soon. Then it's weaning, Christmas, and New Year. Enjoy the summer weather. Cheers, Jean.

  3. Hello and welcome back to blogland. So pleased you have survived that last hectic part of school for the year, and can now relax for a while. Enjoy this time. xx

  4. Hi Lyn - a bit of time away from the blog never hurts - goodness you've barely had time for it in any case! I hope you & yours enjoy the school break, and have a wonderful Festive Season x

  5. Hi Lyn.... we missed you...x


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