Monday, November 18, 2013


Yes I am still here, though it is the time of the school year when I always feel like saying, STOP! it's going too much to do and time is running out..
So a quick post about what I got up to on Friday, though not much that I can reveal in detail as I have been working through some secret sewing (still going!!) here is a peek at some fabric I am using and part of a design that is on the go..

Well that's all for now..back soon I hope!


  1. Tantalising peek! Enjoy the season even though it is busy. xx

  2. looks very pretty..... so much secret stuff being done...

  3. lovely sneak peeks Lyn.xx

  4. Lyn, this part of the year seems to whiz us along at a great pace, doesn't it? I hope you get a breather soon...
    You sneak peeks are lovely, can't wait to see the full items!

  5. A sneaky preview, lovely fabric and stitching. Even at my age!!!... life seems to get busier as summer gets near, weeds and lawns grow out of all proportion to the time available to deal with them, sewing projects get pulled out of hibernation, windows say " Clean me !!", friends pop in, and Christmas things are needed to be sewn.I am thankful for sunshine and warmer days. Greetings from Jean

  6. Cute sneak peak :)
    I'm beginning to think I need an extra month before Christmas.

  7. Cute sneak peaks, not long to go before the school year ends!


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