Saturday, December 6, 2014


Well last night came at the end of a very busy week.  School's out for Summer!!  Yes the last day of the school year was yesterday and so no answering to bells till next year.  We had Junior Prizegiving in the morning followed by a shared lunch and farewells for staff who are leaving school-there were some retirements and a few who are moving to other places-the most for quite a while.
I went on to meet up with my stitching friends for a special afternoon tea and was pleased to get there earlier than usual.  Then after a trip to the airport and tea afterwards I finally sat down and worked on something that wasn't too strenuous on my eyes...and something that is for me..
Some bobbin winding for a small lace project..
And then a little bit more stitching on one of my yet to be finished projects..there are certainly a few that I have to choose from!!


  1. Holidays, what a wonderful time, no running to the clock, marking, bells ringing, enjoy your summer, it arrived here, 25C, almost too hot.And best of all, choices for your hands, I do like to have more than one ( probably about 6) things on the go, so not limited to just one ,that gets too hard, I don't like the colours, design, the way the stitching is going . A bit like a lucky dip, except I can choose. Enjoy every day, Jean.

  2. Pleased you finally have time to yourself Lyn......your stitchery project is pretty.

  3. So nice for you to be finished for the year, enjoy the holidays. Love your bobbins, they look really colourful with their beads, your stitchery is lovely too.

  4. how lovely to have some time to yourself...
    that bobbin winding fascinates me.... I would get it all knotted up...
    nice stitching there.

  5. I love those bobbins. One day I might start a little collection. They'll only be for looks, of course! LOL! Your stitching is lovely, Lyn.

  6. Me too! Love your bobbins. Lovely stitching too. Enjoy your break....the teachers in our family are counting down the days x


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