Sunday, December 7, 2014


Magdolia is the name of the fabulous doll exhibition I went to today ..One of the teachers I work with makes the most wonderful dolls.  She made her first doll 3 years ago at a class and since then she has made over 50 dolls.  She wanted to share her dolls with others so with school finished on Friday she  had arranged to hire the Community Gallery in town for the weekend and set up her exhibition.  It was fabulous to see them all displayed..all the details and some were crafted on well known personalities.
DH drove me into town and he even went in to look at them when he came to pick me up.
I asked if I could take some photos..of course, she said, and it was then I discovered the battery was flat on my I took some shots on my phone.. wasn't sure  how they would turn here are some of the dolls that were on display..
Some of the dolls heads she has made..
The props and accessories really added to the display..
Each doll had her own name as well..
This was made for her Dad..dressed in the family tartan..

and Shirley's wig came from the US
The fabric used for the outfits looked just like fish scales ..

Jill is one talented lady..


  1. Hi Lyn thankyou for sharing these with us they are wonderful.xx

  2. What an interesting collection of dolls.
    Previous blog showed your lace making skills in action-- would love to see some of the lace pieces you have made. It is a difficult skill to master, I would think.

  3. I can see hundreds of hours hand stitching there, fabulous collection. and superb choices of fabrics and accessories. Jean.

  4. What a very clever interesting to look at - thank you for sharing!

  5. Hi Lyn... wow those dolls are just so amazing, so detailed! What a tremendous imagination the maker must have!

  6. Amazing to see in real life.It is the accessories and detail put into each one that make the whole experience. Very clever..


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