Thursday, August 22, 2013

Oh lucky me..

The lovely Peg had a giveaway on  her blog recently and I was one of the 3 very lucky people to receive a special gift in the mail.  It was wrapped in this lovely fabric with one of Peg's special cards.  I had no idea what was inside until I opened it up...
..and was I blown is just gorgeous and so in colours that I like as well...the words are..'Stitching seams with polka dot dreams'
I feel so very fortunate to have such a special piece of stitching..thank you so very much, Peg..


  1. this is gorgeous Lyn,Peg makes the most amazing things,well done.xx

  2. It's lovely Lyn. Peg does beautiful work.

  3. I recognised that card... Peg always wraps her gifts sew beautifully..
    Really love your cute stitchery..

  4. Lyn thank you so much for your lovely comment.....

  5. Definitely a beautiful giveaway gift.


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