Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Just keeping on stitching...

I'm still stitching away on my blocks for Tis The Season so here is a photo to show 3 more of the blocks...

The rest are at various stages of completion.  I have found it easier to do the running stitches at night when it's a bit harder to focus and save some of the other details for when the light (or should I say my ability to focus!) is better.
I thought I had the borders worked out but now am not so sure if I want to do it that way- so I am going to wait till I finish all the stitching so I can try a few things out.
It's been a lovely sunny day again- I just have a few things to do before I settle down to watch a bit of the rugby and then Sons of Anarchy tonight.  (All the things my husband likes to watch and which draw you in as well...)


  1. Your stitcheries are looking so good.
    Enjoy your relaxing night.

  2. I love your redwork Christmas stitcherys.
    Have a lovely evening.

  3. looking good Lyn............not long now...........almost done...........

  4. Lovely.... they are all so cute... each time I see a different one I think it is my favourite!

  5. Your blocks are looking great Lyn .......hope you had a nice evening.

  6. Your blocks are looking lovely, you are making great progress!


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