Sunday, August 14, 2011

Catching up..... and how much snow will fall today?

Another block stitched with the photo taken in the late afternoon sun the other day.  That leaves just 3 more to finish.  Block number 11 is all but finished, but I won't be taking the photo outside today.  The forecast for us in the South was for snow showers beginning today and that is just what we have.  It's the middle of August and Spring is officially only 2 weeks away (if you are counting calendar months, not though if you look at the weather!)
The snow has been coming in bursts so that it starts to lay on the ground but then it stops and melts away before the next lot comes.  It is supposed to last into tomorrow and be worse than what we had 3 weeks ago, so will have to wait and see what happens as the day goes on.  One thing that it brings with it though is chilly weather...  
So I have done some baking today (Neenish Tarts and Raspberry Coconut slice)  I use a recipe my Aunt used for the slice - every time I make it, it brings back the memories of my Aunt who lived in Forbes and our visits to see her there.  If we went at Easter time we used to leave at about 3 am on Good Friday to get a good run out of Sydney, stop in Bathurst at about 6 am where the Lion's Club had their refreshment caravan by the bridge, and then carry on arriving in Forbes about 9 am in those days.  My Aunt always had a cooked breakfast waiting for us all... it was the best of times catching up and seeing her,  and relaxing in the country before we had to return to the bustle of the city afterwards... 

WOO HOO- have just found out that because of the snow conditions I'll be having the day at home tomorrow, no going to work- a 3 day weekend, what a bonus!!!  
It has continued to snow on and off throughout  the day and it is quite thick in parts of the city- it is expected to freeze overnight so they have made the call already! 
(Seriously the roads will be a nightmare in the morning)

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  1. Your stitchery is very cute and what a shame ( LOL) you are missing work. Have a lovely day stitiching.


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