Monday, August 15, 2011

Snow.... So what will I do today?

With the day off work due to the snow, the big question is what will I work on first??
It's been a relaxing start to the day- not having to rush off to work (and knowing I will still be paid for the day!)- it's much warmer too at home- the temperature outside is supposed to be 3 degrees celsius but with the wind chill factor it will be in the negatives.  
The dogs have been out having some fun in the snow... running here and there...enjoying it while it lasts.   It may last a day or two, just depends on whether any more falls today....
out and about, footsteps and paw prints criss-crossing in the snow ...
our golden retriever,  a quick shot while he was still 
There is no travel out of the city as the roads are closed, even the airport is shut.  So what is a girl to do but sit back and enjoy the extra stitching time... 


  1. Have a great stitchy day......
    Your dog is gorgeous, almost matches that snow today!

  2. Oh I do love your snow pics. Your dog looks happy sitting in it . BRRRRRRRRR I think they are tougher than us. LOL
    Enjoy your day.

    PS. Should have looked here first.


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