Sunday, August 7, 2011

Two more....

Another two blocks stitched and I have another one nearly done- that will leave just 3 blocks to stitch and I will have the 13 blocks done.  All that will remain then is to add the borders and put them together- I'm feeling more confident that I can achieve this by the end of September!  Fingers crossed...

(I'm focusing all my stitching energy on my Tis The Season blocks until they are finished - no being sidetracked by other projects for now...)


  1. looking good from here Lyn.........keep plugging away

  2. They are looking great Lyn. At this rate you will have them all done in no time.

  3. They look lovely, you are making really good progress.

  4. Looks good Lyn...stay focused....wish I could do it...


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