Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Some new reading.......

...and some planning to do.  There has been no sewing the past few days, but I have been reading these 2 books which I ended up ordering from here (the exchange rate was better for me to buy from there than it was for buying it from Oz)

I haven't finished the current Stitch-a-Long yet but am pleased with my current progress, so thought I would get some pre-reading done before the next one kicks off !

I have read Bonnie's blog and liked her ideas about using squares etc as leaders and enders (rather than using scraps of fabric over and over again) so you then have segments to use to construct blocks for a quilt.  I suppose it is about sewing smarter,  so I decided to buy her book and continue to read about how she does it.
So while I haven't been sewing anything in particular I think that reading is good preparation for future projects !!!  Sounds like a good excuse anyway...


  1. Two lovely books..... you have got me into Bonnie's blog too... and I am dithering about the next years Stichalong.... hmmm

  2. I am tempted to buy Some Kind of Wonderful, let me know what you think of it!! My ignorance is showing though, because I don't know what leaders and enders are!

  3. I've been thinking about using leaders and enders as well, I already use a scrap over and over, but I need to sort out my fabric scraps first so I have all the squares and strips ready. Let me know what you think of Bonnie's book.

  4. yeh might need to find Bonnie's blog cause i am in the dark too......

    love Anni's new book.....

  5. Glad you're getting prepared for the next SAL. Great books.


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