Tuesday, August 23, 2011

You know you need help when...

You can't see the eye of the needle to thread the cotton through.
You can't tell that you have left a few fabric threads between the stitches when you are backstitching...
So what do you do- go and get tested for some reading glasses- which is just what I did a few months back.  But...  I have still found it difficult to stitch at night.  I have been using a halogen floor lamp and even with the new glasses I just wasn't happy.  So last week I saw this lamp ( on sale at 40% off the day I was looking) and bought it.  It is just wonderful ......
My new Daylight lamp
So what is so good about it- well it has a bright white light over a wider area ( my halogen lamp cast more of a dull yellowish light in the one spot in comparison.) 
I'm delighted with my purchase and am enjoying being able to clearly see what I am working on!
It might help me to work a bit faster on some of my handstitching...


  1. Great to read this Lyn... I have been wondering about one but not convinced it makes such a difference... now I know so it will go on my wish list....

  2. They are the sort of fluros I have so the idea of a lamp sounds wonderful. thanks for telling me about it.

  3. They do help heaps. I have had one of those for a few years, and it is good.


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