Sunday, September 30, 2012

It's Daylight Saving time again...

and as usual it is a grey, gloomy day.  It always seems to be like that on the first day of Daylight Saving here each year.  So, I think I will have to make a little sunshine of my own and make the sun block for my SKOW quilt this afternoon.
I've been around the house changing all the clocks this morning....(couldn't be bothered doing it before I went to bed)
Last weekend I went around the garden taking a few photos of things that were in flower for Spring..and it was a lovely sunny day I'll let them add a bit of sunshine to this post..
the flowering cherry is out in bloom...
 and there was some blue sky there last week...
the bumble bee was hard at work going from flower to flower
my favourite rhododendron is one of the first ones to flower in the garden
and luckily I took this photo before the wind and spots of rain this week
...the camellias won't last long without blemishes..


  1. wow Lyn such beautiful flowers.xx

  2. Your garden is looking beautiful. We have another week to go before daylight savings.

  3. Yes, that daylight, it is such an odd wording, as nothing gets saved.Love your flowers, ours got battered a few weeks ago, and the tulips are almost finished. Cheers from Jean.

  4. was all primed for ours to start today and it is next week.........I hate it but I am waking so early at the moment..........

  5. Beautiful photos of your garden. Hope you had time to get sun block done.


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