Monday, September 3, 2012

It should be Spring, shouldn't it ???

...well the calendar says it is September, and the Spring blooms are making an appearance (just a shame the weather doesn't know it is!!). At my little stitching group on Friday there were bunches of daffodils waiting for us to take of the ladies had brought them in from her garden.  The perfume of the small cream one is just amazing.

It was a nice relaxing day yesterday...after a barbeque lunch we enjoyed the dessert that daughter no. 2 had made..... a white chocolate cheesecake with raspberries (we had to use frozen ones as they are out of season)
Our elder daughter rang from Edinburgh to talk to her Dad for Fathers Day.  It was good to talk to her.  She has a 6 month contract, working at a recruitment agency that she had first  got some temp work through...she had to travel to Glasgow each day last week for that work is sorted she just needs to get something more permanent as far as accomodation goes.


  1. A frosty start to Spring here too, but at least the bulbs are a sign that warmer weather is coming. I'm sure living in Scotland will redefine winter for your daughter!

  2. yummy food Lyn and bet hubby was glad to hear from DD.xx

  3. You make my month water with the yummy sweets...

    Beautiful Daffidils.The white flower is a Jonquil and they do have a special smell.

    How nice to talk to your DD and she is settled into a job already. that's great. I am sure she will find some good accomadation soon.

  4. Love your pretty daffs Lyn, can almost smell them! That cheesecake looks divine....... how tricky is it to make? Maybe your daughter might share her recipe? Have a great day, Nicky

  5. Our weather has dropped a few degrees too!! the daffodils are beautiful and the cheesecake is making me need some for breakfast!!!

  6. How nice getting a bunch of daffies. Perth is having storms, rain, hail, thunder & low temps, we feel spring has abandoned us! Tracee xx


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