Saturday, September 29, 2012

What a game...

..we have spent the afternoon watching the AFL Grand Final..the only game this season to screen live over here in NZ and you needed pay TV to see it.  Whichever team won it was going to be all right, as my husband was a Hawthorn supporter many many years ago when he lived in Melbourne for a while ..and my mum is a Swans supporter so we were hoping for a win for her.  What an exciting game though as the lead changed hands in each quarter and at the end my mum was very excited when the Swans won....daughter in Edinburgh got up at 5am to go to a local pub to watch it on TV and she had managed to order a Swans shirt from the website and have it arrive in Edinburgh in time for her to wear she is over the moon as well..


  1. I am not an AFL follower but I listened on the radio while sewing..........the radio lost coverage in the last 45seconds........glad the swan won........

  2. glad you enjoyed the game Lyn.xx


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