Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Things were going so well...

until today that is...my husband had received the call a few weeks back to say that he was finally going to get his long awaited hip replacement operation, wonderful news ...tomorrow was going to be the big day...all was ready, he'd had his pre-op visits where they checked that he had no cuts etc, the school holidays start next week so I would be at home to look after him when he came home from hospital..
...all was going well, that is, until he had a fall yesterday and grazed his shins- not all that big really, but he thought he had better go to the hospital and let them check it out..and the verdict is that they don't want to risk an infection, so he has been resceduled for 4 weeks time... better to err on the safe side but disappointing to say the least...so now we wait again...


  1. that is disappointing for you Lyn... as you say it is better to be safe... it's great they were able to book a new appointment not too long to wait...

  2. How frustrating when you were all ready to go. But as Fiona said, it's better to be safe. Good luck when the time comes.

  3. frustrating indeed, but with a hip replacement it is far better to be safe and wait.

  4. That's too bad but it may be worth it in the end. Four weeks will go by quickly!

  5. Oh dear, I hope the next time goes smoothly!


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