Sunday, October 14, 2012

Turning Tulips.. the name of the mini Spring Quilt I received from Danette...all the way from the USA.   We are in Cheryll's Mini Quilt Swap group.  It is just a gorgeous little quilt and I love it. ( I was lucky to get a lovely piece of fabric in the package as well).  Thank you so very much, Danette,  for this lovely little quilt.

Here is a sneak peak of the quilt that I made.  It has to wing its way North West of here so that could be anywhere in Australia, but it is going to ...... and I'm hoping that it lands on my partner's doorstep soon. (I ended up tracing out a second pattern to make one for my Mum as well..)
It is a lot of fun being a part of the swap organised by Cheryll and you can read about what the swap entails here.  The next theme for swapping is Christmas.  Yippee!!


  1. You have been the mini, it was another fantastic swap...

  2. Love the tulips! SO pretty! Your quilt looks lovely as well! Hoping to see more of it soon!

  3. I do love the tulips, one of my favorite flowers and Danette's mini is just gorgeous...

    Oh I can see a little stitchery in the sneak peek.?????

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  5. Oooooops sorry about that, I made so many mistakes that I thought I would start again lol.

    You did get a lovely mini quilt Lyn but I was a lucky girl today to receive the quilt that you made and yes yes I love it, your Mum will be so happy to get one too. I wanted to email you but for some reason I can't get your email addy from your blog.

    Thanks so much for being my partner,my mini quilt is hanging very happily on my stand, I also love the card and I recognised the photo as we were in Dunedin on a cruise Nov 2010.

    Thanks again.


  6. oh wow,just gorgeous.xx


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