Monday, April 30, 2012

It's the end of the month again..

and it's a quick post about some finishes for the month.  Yet again I have left it till the last minute.  This month I have made my gift for the Friends With Benefit Swap and this parcel is winging its way to Janet in Canada.  I can only post a photo of the parcel at this stage, but will be able to reveal what I made when it arrives.

I found this bag in a box of things to do...there were some pins sticking out of it, marking where I needed to do some hand stitching to finish it off..don't know why I had left it so long, so here it is all finished now...

..and I'm continuing on with my SKOW blocks and my crochet rug...


  1. Love that wrapping paper - or is it fabric?

  2. cant wait to see whats in the parcel and what a cute bag,its funny how we dont finish some things.xx

  3. I saw this on the Sew It's Finished... it's really so effective.... great to have it done...

  4. I thought you had some new fabric to show us, but realised it was the parcel after I read your post. Would make nice fabric though.

  5. Love your bag and I look forward to seeing what you made for the swap.


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