Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Back again

It's been a lovely sunny morning the mail today was the latest issue of the New Zealand Quilter magazine so out on to the deck I went, cup of coffee in one hand and magazine in the other to enjoy a quiet read..

It's holiday time for it is time to try and do some of the big catch up that is needed on my SKOW Stitch-a-Long..trying to get the fingers working again on the needleturn applique...almost too embarrassed to show how far behind I am!!

 My crochet throw is growing again round by round, no pattern just doing my own thing with a variegated wool..I started it some time time ago to give me something to do when I was too tired to focus on stitching..consequently it has made intermittent appearances over now I want to finish it off as I have another project that needs rescuing and renovating..more about that later.  Our golden retriever is never far away and there he is in the top corner...


  1. looks like a good mag Lyn and with your SKOW i am only just in front,keep going.xx

  2. Now I'll be hanging out till my mag arrives in the mail, probably next week sometime if I'm lucky, enjoy.

  3. I Quite Often pick up the NZ Quilters it's a Lovely Magazine..Nice to see what is happening across the waves...
    Your SKOW is looking Good...

  4. Your NZ mag looks great.. Enjoy reading it.
    I have not even started my SKOW....
    Your cracheted rug looks very cuddlely

  5. Your throw is looking good, and looks to be getting a good size. Lovely start to the day with a good magazine and coffee.

  6. your SKofW blocks are looking great.........

  7. NZQ was one of my holiday souvenirs - lovely quilts and stories. Would you come and bake at my house please???


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