Sunday, April 1, 2012

A late Post for March...

I didn't have time to report in about my March finishes yesterday.  We had a wedding to go to...set in a lovely country garden where the leaves on the trees were just starting to change was a lovely sunny day..just perfect for the happy couple today it has been catching up on the household chores that didn't get done yesterday..another lovely sunny I spent a little time outside stocking up on some Vitamin in the paper recently that because we are now so good at avoiding exposure to the sun we are missing out on Vitamin went on to say that we should go for a brisk walk in the middle of the day with our hands and arms exposed to the sun...seriously when the midday temperature in winter here  can be in the low range of single digits who would be wanting to try that???
My finishes for the month of March are
my couch companion
I added a little to the length and put some template plastic in the pincushion part so the pins can't go through to the back.
I also finished off a bookmark that I set up last December...since I want to start something else it had to be finished...



  1. Well done Lyn.
    Another gorgeous piece of lace in the bookmark.

  2. That lace bookmark is really pretty. I found out I was Vit D deficient about a year ago, so have been making the effort to get into the sun more frequently, it's cheaper (and better) than buying the pills. In winter I try and find a nice, sheltered sunny spot and spend about 20 minutes there.

  3. two lovely finishes Lyn,well done.xx

  4. Lovely stitchery on your counch companion and such a beautiful lace bookmark, both great finishes.

  5. Hi Lyn, it has been a lovely autumn weekend, hasn't it. Your couch companion is beautiful, I love that pattern - it's on my to do list! The bookmark is lovely too.

  6. Great finishes.. the lace is so pretty and dainty...

  7. Absolutely gorgeous projects, I love that you finish one project before you start another


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