Sunday, April 22, 2012

The holidays are over..

and so it is back to work tomorrow...back to routines and goodbye to relaxing days ....
The weather has been wonderful for this time of the year..clear sunny days (I hope they continue)
I've done a little more of this
I had a lovely day yesterday..went to the monthly meeting of a little quilt group I belong to...I haven't made it very often lately, so I'm aiming to go more often this year.  There was the usual monthly meeting combined with making a miniature wall was really relaxing and the tutor was just lovely...we worked on a few elements and were relieved to be told that we would not finish it in the by the time we had a cuppa to start, caught up with those who were there, did some sewing of 1 inch bias squares, had lunch, show and tell, then did some paper piecing, there was the call for afternoon tea..more chatting , looking at what others were up to and then time to go..
a sample of what I did
Today, while I am a year older than I was yesterday, I certainly don't feel it!! So far I've spent some time sitting in the sun, doing some stitching and watching some of the netball this, the Vixens just  beat the Magic after being 6 down halfway through the last quarter..
And to cap off my special day we are going out for dinner later...I'm looking forward to that...


  1. Dinner out, such a treat, and a quilting day together.Another day, is there a real difference when we celebrate a birthday?The stitchery is lovely.Guess you are having cool nights, maybe a frost, we are almost to the frosty mornings, about 2 degrees, and just a touch on the grass, but during the day up to 24 C, the family at Waitahuna tell me there has been ice on the windscreen some mornings!! Cheers from Jean in the N.I.

  2. Happy birthday Lyn. Lovely progress on your stitchery. Sounds like a good day out with your Quilting group.

  3. Happy birthday for yesterday Lyn. Hope your dinner out was lovely.

  4. Pretty stitchery... and Happy Birthday.... sounds like you spent a lovely day relaxing and enjoying... hope the dinner was great...

  5. Happy birthday Lyn, sounds like a lovely day. Your stitchery and blocks look very pretty.


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