Monday, June 2, 2014

A Toast for Chooky and the Chookshed..

I hope it was a great celebration for all
at the chookshed…

and around in cyber space..

I'm sure that there were many glasses raised in honour of the celebrations for the Chookshed birthday over the weekend..and a glass was raised in the Chookshed's honour from me here in the deep south..
..and a most enjoyable drop it was too... just one of those mini bottles of 200mls though..and now there is one empty bottle lying on the bench....
Will it be on again next year???.I hope so..


  1. Pleased you enjoyed the party. I did too.

  2. It was a great way to celebrate with Chooky, wasnt it.

  3. thanks for the cheers.............we had a great time and looks like everyone in cyber land did too.............

  4. Was a great way to celebrate wasn't it! Quiet recovery day here today!! lol!


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