Monday, February 27, 2012

Sunshine and progress...

After beginning to think winter was upon us (maybe the grey skies and only 12-14 degrees in the last few days had something to do with my thinking) we have had a lovely sunny day today...still not as warm as you could be hoping for though...
I have nearly finished this part of the stitchery,  just some leaves to go...
 then some more tracing for the next part...the applique is going well on the SKOW doesn't take all that long to stitch around some of them...choosing the colour and fabric takes up just as much time.
We have been getting some really annoying phone calls of late..when you answer there is silence and then a click and what sounds like a recorded voice that says 'goodbye'..after getting a few early last week, we had another 2 on Friday night, 1 on Saturday and then another today...rang the phone company and they told me I need to record the dates and times of at least 4 in the one week before they can do anything...and if they are coming from overseas then they won't be able to do anything!!! I have now recorded 2 of the times, and if things go the way the last week has, then I should get the times of 2 more and then see what happens from there......just wondering if anyone else has been having a problem????


  1. Your Stitchery looks great..
    Yes I think we all get those tele maketter calls. My are from overseas...

  2. Lovely stitching Lyn,no i havent had any but then we have registered on the do not call.xx

  3. We are also on the Do Not Call Register so we dont get bothered. Lovely stitchery

  4. Stitcheries are looking good... I am on Do Not Call but I still get some of the overseas calls... but never do they just say goodbye... very annoying

  5. Your stitchery is looking good.
    We get those calls also - exactly the same as you describe. We have just re-registered all our phones including mobiles on the do not call register. Hoping that will put a stop to the many times I get up from the computer or sewing machine to answer a nothing call.

  6. Well done Lyn. Looking great. Trying to get back into some stitching but neck/ arm problems leave me a little nervous in case I aggravate. been much better of late. Keep up the good work.

  7. Hey Lyn! Your stitchery is looking great! :0) We get some of those calls too and they ARE from overseas ... they're those annoying telemarketing companies. These calls are actually computerised and record what time of day someone was there to answer the phone so an annoying marketer can ring you at a future date. I think registering on the 'no calls' list gets rid of most. Hope your weather warms a little before you head towards winter's cold!! Bear Hugs! KRIS


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