Monday, February 13, 2012

Setting a target...

I have so many plans to work on projects, but they just aren't I think I need to set some targets for each my aim for this week is to complete
*  at least 2 applique blocks for my SKOW quilt
*  do some stitching on my couch companion
*  do some of my lace bookmark
Best not plan too much, as I have a few things on this week, so anything else will be a bonus. 
I will report back next week with how successful I have been.....


  1. Lyn I don't think you are alone feeling as you do. The best laid plans of mice and men etc

  2. Good luck.... and enjoy your stitching....

  3. hope you get a chance to do some stitching.xx

  4. I'm the same, many plans, many projects, I'm only working on one or two things this week, I've set the bar nice and low :)


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